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Are You Selling Your Home? Don't Skip This Important Step!

clean, modernly decorated kitchen

Research shows that up to 90% of home buyers find their homes online, so it’s a MUST to have show-stopping photos of your gorgeous home. Nobody wants to list their home for sale, only for it to sit on the market for months. The goal is always to sell your house quickly.

But here’s the truth...most of us don’t live in model-perfect homes. We have busy lives, evidence of children all around, and furniture that may not be everyone’s style. While every agent preaches the value of decluttering and tidying up before a photographer shows up, sometimes it’s not enough.

That’s where professional home staging comes in.

Home staging is putting your home in expert hands to rearrange, decorate, and add key pieces of furniture that will make your space look its absolute best to appeal to potential buyers. With a little work up front, you will reap the benefits of a quick sale and a higher selling price!

So what are some of the benefits of home staging?

Increased interest from buyers.

Admit it, you’ve scrolled past a house while looking online because the photos were terrible. As much as we don’t want to admit it, our first impressions are important––and lasting!

Buyers usually know exactly what they want, and if your photos reflect outdated style or evidence of needed repairs, they’ll keep right on looking. They want a place that feels like home from the moment they lay eyes on it. When you stage your home, you are putting your best foot forward right from the beginning with your listing. The better your listing, especially photos that reflect a clean aesthetic, the more interest you will generate from buyers.

Less time on the market.

Shorten the time between the date of listing and the date of selling. Staged homes on average last about 23 days on the market.

A staged home increases interest which creates more likelihood that your home will garner offers. Less time on the market and a quick turnaround sale is a win-win! Selling your home quickly is important as research shows that the longer a house sits on the market, the harder it is to sell.

The more people who attend showings leads to more business cards left in the entryway and more hype about how amazing your home is.

Buyers can “see” themselves in your home.

If you’re moving because you are in desperate need of more space, chances are your home is packed with personal touches that take up the space that’s already there. While personal trinkets and memories are great for the homeowner’s themselves, for a potential buyer, they can be very distracting.

Home staging removes the mementos and grandma’s needlework and replaces them with eye-pleasing touches that appeal to the masses. It puts the emphasis on the potential of what your home can be to other people, with their own furniture and possessions, instead of trying to squeeze into your version of the space.

When buyers can see themselves living in your home, they will want to make that dream a reality and place an offer!

Your house may sell for a higher price.

According to real estate industry statistics, 85% of staged homes sell for up to 23% more than the asking price.

Why? Because staging your home can often result in multiple offers, a bidding war, and a higher sale price than you originally thought. While the staging service comes at a price, most sellers recoup the cost when the sale is final because the home sells for more than the asking price. This happens because the home-staging increases interest in the home.

You can focus on finding your next home.

One of the major positives to staging your home is being able to trust that you are in good hands. Expert home staging takes the guesswork out of getting gorgeous listing photos, wondering if your home is “good enough” to sell and if you are attracting potential buyers. You can relax knowing your space looks the best it can and put your effort into finding your next dream home.

You have already decided you are ready to part ways with your current home, so don’t put more energy into the past than you are into your future! Put your time into your next home search, or, if you’ve already found one, put your time into making your new house a home. Leave the rest to the experts!

If you are ready to get a higher price in a fraction of the time, it’s time to hire a professional stager! Click here to get started.


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