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Important Differences Between Home Staging And Interior Decorating

While a home staging professional and an interior decorator both work to transform your space, they have two very unique purposes. At first thought, changing the look of your home may seem solely like the work of an interior decorator, but when it comes to preparing your home to sell, it’s a different story.

Keep reading to understand the important difference between home-staging and interior-decorating.

Home Staging & Interior Decorating Have Different Purposes

The main difference between staging a home and the interior decorating process is that the former prepares a home to sell while the latter focuses on function and loving the space in which you live.

Home staging neutralizes the space to attract the greatest amount of buyers. Through the process, you will eliminate family pictures and clutter so that the house feels spacious and clean. This allows the potential buyer to fill the spaces with their own mental picture of what home feels like to them. Think of it as neutralizing the space so that anyone can picture themselves living there.

Meanwhile, interior decorating is designing a space to fit your everyday life. When you meet with a designer, they will take your favorite colors, artwork, personal tastes and more into consideration when planning out your home. Unlike a stager, an interior designer will make it a point to plan around your lifestyle to provide the level of comfort you want while also being sure it functions well with your lifestyle.

Home Staging & Interior Decorating Have Different Pricing

When it comes to comparing these two services, the proof is in the pricing. Home staging is not as expensive as an interior designing service, for good reason.

A home stager often works with what you already have, and then supplements pieces where needed. Unless your home is already empty, they likely aren’t furnishing an entire home from scratch. And if it is empty, there are rental fees for the furniture and decor but those fees are lower than purchasing.

Stagers are also more cost-effective because everyone is trying to get the biggest return on their investment, so a lower fee is key. The goal is to get your house to be sell-ready and to sell fast! The sooner a home sells, the sooner the home staging company can snag their furnishings and use them on the next client.

Interior designers, on the other hand, often completely overhaul spaces, which takes time and money. They aren’t on the same timeline as a home stager and often choose to focus on the desired aesthetic and doing whatever it takes to make a vision come to life.

Home Staging & Interior Decorating Have Different Timelines

As mentioned above, home staging is about a quick turnaround. The quicker a home is ready to be listed, the faster it sells and the homeowner can get into their new home. It’s also quicker because it doesn’t take into account any personal taste. There is strategy in the staging that works well in multiple homes and appeals to the masses. This helps the process of staging a home to be executed quickly, as most companies have an arsenal of decor and furniture readily available in their warehouses.

On the other hand, interior designers take their time crafting a palette and working with you over an extended period to get the look you want. It’s often a long game that is worth the wait as your designer searches for perfect pieces.

Knowing the difference between these important jobs is key when it comes time to sell your home, so that you get the right people in action as soon as possible.

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