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Hi! I’m Courtney, Founder and CEO of

Redefined Interiors + Staging.

I was first inspired to start a home staging and interior decorating company, in Indianapolis, at an early age. When I was ten-years-old, I went on a long, winding drive with my dad to see an abandoned, foreclosed property out in the country. The house was traditionally styled with pillars on four acres of land.  It was beautiful.  I loved dreaming about the possibilities of this home and envisioning how the homeowners would live there.

This is still my favorite part, the dreaming and creating homes that potential buyer's feel connected to and unlocking the possibilities.

When we work together, I'll unlock the possibilities within your home so buyers can see and feel it too. 

Redefined - Onyx + East-33Web.jpg

Founder // CEO

Redefined Interiors + Staging

Certified Home Stager + 

Color Consultant // Interior Decorator


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